Leadership Team

“Within the realm of real estate, people breathe life into spaces, shaping a vibrant mosaic of stories and aspirations.”

The Team

Durga Prasad Gadde


Durga Prasad Gadde is a seasoned entrepreneur and Principal of several businesses  with a formidable track record in financial management and real estate  development. 

With a career inception in technology, he soon pivoted to establish HCL Global systems Inc in 2005, addressing the IT staffing demands for  Fortune 500 companies and worked on several software related projects. Transitioning into real estate, he acquired and developed  several hotels with Marriott, Hilton, IHG and Choice brands. He is also focussing on several multifamily development ventures, acquisitions and  ground up construction.  A master of EB-5 investment strategies, Mr. Gadde has successfully led and developed multiple projects, ensuring investor confidence and satisfaction. His latest development, Hidden Hills Vistas at Smokies and Candlewood suites, underscores his commitment to delivering luxury experiences while driving economic growth through job creation and EB-5 investments. Durga Prasad Gadde’s career is a blend of vision, leadership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence and he currently owns and develops individually an estimated $500 Million plus worth of assets.

Padmaja Gadde


Padmaja Gadde is a distinguished leader and entrepreneur in the real estate development sector, currently serving as President of ShooraLP, a comprehensive design, development, and asset management firm. Before venturing into real estate, Padmaja founded and successfully led an IT staffing company based in Johns Creek, GA, since 2015. Her journey from launching a thriving IT firm to dominating the real estate development arena is underpinned by her solid engineering background from India. This technical education has been pivotal in understanding client needs and addressing complex issues, skills that she seamlessly translates to the real estate world. Under her leadership, ShooraLP has embarked on a path of strategic growth and excellence, leveraging her unique insights to guide her team towards effective project execution and innovative development strategies. Padmaja’s multifaceted expertise and visionary approach continue to shape the landscape of real estate development, marking her as a transformative figure in the industry.

Jay Samtani

Development Manager

Jay Samtani is a distinguished figure in the realm of commercial real estate, boasting a remarkable 23-year trajectory marked by significant accomplishments and leadership roles. As the development manager of Seven Hills Hospitality LLC’s Hidden Hills Vistas project, Jay’s extensive experience and strategic vision are poised to be instrumental in steering the project towards triumph. His tenure as the managing director of two nationally recognized commercial real estate brokerages, Sperry Van Ness, offices in Florida highlights his adeptness in leading high-stakes operations, further underscored by his successful oversight of acquisitions and dispositions for two multi-family offices, culminating in transactions exceeding $625 million.

Jay’s prowess extends beyond traditional real estate management; he is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record of successfully capitalizing eight startups. His astute investment insights and business acumen have significantly contributed to his role in asset management, currently overseeing an impressive portfolio of over $500 million in hospitality and other commercial assets. This rich tapestry of experience ensures Jay’s capability to navigate the multifaceted challenges and opportunities inherent in managing the development of the proposed 95 luxury cabins, chalets and villas.

In the role of development manager of Seven Hills Hospitality, LLC, Jay Samtani is set to bring a wealth of knowledge, strategic insight, and a compassionate approach to leadership. His track record of success in commercial real estate, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and community involvement, positions him as a key driver for the successful build and operational execution of the EB-5 project. Investors can look forward to a partnership that not only promises financial growth but is also anchored in integrity and social responsibility.

Vishal Samtani

Chief Operating Officer

Vishal Samtani stands at the forefront of asset management, bringing over two decades of extensive experience in managing a diverse portfolio of commercial multifamily, office, retail, and hospitality assets. As the proposed manager of the NCE, ShooraLP Fund I Manager, LLC, for the Hidden Hills Vistas EB-5 project, Vishal’s expertise promises to be a significant asset. His career highlights include managing over 1.7 million square feet of property, valued at upwards of $400 million, showcasing his ability to handle large-scale and high-value assets with proficiency and strategic foresight.

Beyond property management, Vishal’s acumen extends into various facets of the real estate and financial sectors. His notable accomplishments in loan syndication, equity syndication, and the turnaround of distressed assets are testaments to his versatile and dynamic approach to business challenges. Additionally, Vishal’s role in launching a Freddie Mac Servicer and Seller for multifamily loans demonstrates his ability to successfully navigate and contribute to complex financial structures and systems.

His background in finance and commercial construction management, combined with his professional journey, equips him with a deep understanding of the industry and its evolving trends, making him an ideal leader for managing the complexities of an EB-5 investment project.

Vishal is not only a committed professional but also a passionate individual who believes in giving back to the community. He is an avid golfer, which reflects his focus on precision and strategic thinking. Moreover, his dedication to social causes is evident through his volunteer work with various non-profit organizations, including the Chinmaya Mission, multiple chambers of commerce, and the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC). This blend of professional excellence and community involvement encapsulates Vishal’s holistic approach to business and life.

In conclusion, Vishal Samtani’s blend of in-depth industry knowledge, multifaceted experience, and community commitment positions him as an ideal manager for the NCE, ShooraLP Fund I Manager, LLC. His leadership is anticipated to drive the project towards success, ensuring a reliable and prosperous venture for EB-5 investors.

Vimyrka “Vim” Plaskett

Executive VP of Real Estate Development

Vimyrka “Vim” Plaskett, the Executive VP of Real Estate Development for Hidden Hills Vistas, is responsible for the leadership, planning, analysis, and development of real property assets on behalf of investor clients. Prior to joining the company, she worked for four years at leading CRE information provider CoStar, where she oversaw the research, analysis, and reporting of commercial and multifamily real estate activity in the Southeast and Midwest regions of the U.S. and Canada. Ms. Plaskett’s 28-year career has spanned the design and construction industry in various capacities—and with proven success in driving improvements and innovations in product, processes, and profitability.

At Hidden Hills Vistas, Ms. Plaskett is responsible for overseeing the entire Project lifecycle, from planning and design to execution and delivery. She leads a team of project managers, engineers, architects, contractors and consultants to ensure the successful completion of this Project. She is adept at communicating with clients, stakeholders and senior management to establish clear objectives, scopes, schedules, and budgets. She is also responsible for monitoring and controlling the Project’s performance, risks and issues, as well as for implementing best practices and standards.

Ms. Plaskett has volunteered for several of the AEC Cares community rehabilitation projects, working jointly with industry professionals building and improving homes and community centers in New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Denver, Chicago, and Atlanta. A certified LEED AP and Construction Document Technologist, Ms. Plaskett has a Master of Science degree in Building Construction and Facility Management and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, both from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Le Luong

Chief of Staff

Le Luong serves as the Chief of Staff for the development team. With over 10 years of professional experience, Le has become a pivotal figure in strategic planning and project management within the industry.

As Chief of Staff, Le fills a vital role supporting the Leadership team across daily construction efforts and the long-term vision for Hidden Hills Vistas. Her responsibilities include directing employees to ensure workstreams align with internal roadmaps and external deadlines to ensure the cabin development project continues to progress smoothly. By strategically communicating with personnel across departments – from engineering to future hospitality staff – Le fosters productivity and accountability at large. Through coordinating employees and external staff, her responsibilities enable the Leadership Team to focus on high-level approvals and investor relations.

Being knowledgeable in the development process for multiple asset classes, Le provides end-to-end operational leadership to ensure work plans adhere to roadmaps so that construction progresses smoothly. She keeps the team updated with accurate dashboards so they can calibrate top priorities. Her diligent coordination and decisive management make her a right-hand advisor that the Leadership team relies on.

Her contributions in these areas have been vital in driving the company towards greater heights in the real estate industry. Beyond her expertise in real estate development, Le is recognized for her exceptional leadership and communication skills. Her leadership style is inclusive and results-oriented, which has significantly improved team morale and productivity

Jason Dang, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

With over 15 years of progressive accounting experience, Jason Dang has established himself as an accomplished fiscal leader within the construction industry. He obtained his master’s in accounting in 2008 and received his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license in July 2014. Jason leveraged his educational background and analytical capabilities to secure successive accounting roles with increasing authority.

Eager to apply his skills within the construction arena, Jason took on a pivotal position with Pulte Group in December 2014. As their National Financial Services Controller, he led financial reporting and analysis for domestic corporate offices and 15 Pulte homebuilding subsidiaries. His prudent management assisted the national homebuilder in navigating volatile housing markets during his tenure.

Seeking new challenges, Jason was recruited as a Region Assistant Controller for Meritage Homes in 2016. In this capacity, he headed financial accounting and oversight for 3 residential construction divisions. By streamlining internal processes and closely monitoring budgets, Jason’s leadership enabled the divisions to uphold profitable construction margins despite shifting market conditions.

Currently, Jason leverages his extensive industry experience as Chief Financial Officer for Hidden Hills Vistas. In this executive role, he leads full-scale financial planning and accounting operations for the prominent real estate development. His responsibilities span budget management, cost tracking and variance analysis, cash flow projections, risk evaluation, and overseeing all fiscal workflows.

Chirag Jain

Legal & Compliance Manager

Chirag currently serves as the Legal & Compliance Manager at ShooraLP. With nearly seven years of experience in the legal industry as a corporate lawyer, he brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Prior to joining us, Chirag served as a law clerk at a New York-based EB-5 law firm, where he actively participated in a diverse range of EB-5 projects. He played a pivotal role in establishing funding and project entities and preparing essential offering documents. Moreover, he developed comprehensive compliance frameworks tailored to the unique requirements of the EB-5 project. Chirag also collaborated closely with business plan writers to create strategic business plans for infrastructure, renewable energy, and manufacturing ventures. 

Chirag fosters collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders, advisors, and regulatory bodies, and adeptly navigates the evolving landscape of EB-5 regulations. He ensures strict adherence to legal standards and industry best practices, safeguarding the integrity of our EB-5 funds, managers, and job-creating entities. Additionally, Chirag specializes in federal and state securities law compliance for private offerings under Regulation D and Regulation S of the Securities Act of 1933. 

Chirag’s academic background includes a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from New York University School of Law, earned in May 2022. Prior to obtaining his LL.M., he completed his B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.) at the Institute of Law, Nirma University in Ahmedabad, India. During his five-year tenure as a general corporate and transactional lawyer in India, Chirag provided end-to-end transaction management services for cross-border share acquisition, private equity transactions, and commercial transactions.

His effective communication and proactive approach facilitate the smooth resolution of legal matters, ensuring the seamless operation of our projects and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Priya Movva

Marketing Analyst

Priya Movva serves as a marketing analyst for ShooraLP, specializing in deciphering consumer behavior and fine-tuning campaigns for success. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2020 and more recently completed a Master of Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises from Northwestern University in 2023. With over 2 years of marketing and professional writing experience, Priya has honed her ability to discern market trends and effectively engage with diverse audiences. 

She oversees the development and launch of impactful marketing campaigns centered on enhancing brand visibility and attracting clients whose interests align with ShooraLP’s values. Armed with a blend of analytical prowess and creative thinking thanks to her background, Priya is dedicated to helping ShooraLP thrive in the real estate market through targeted and innovative marketing strategies across digital, social media, and traditional channels.

Imad Kachalia

Associate Vice President of Development

Imad Kachalia is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in construction and development, currently serving as the Associate Vice President of Development at Shoora LP.

After completing his BEng. In Mechanical Engineering, Imad embarked on a fulfilling career journey, gaining valuable experience working with general contractors (GCs) on various commercial constructions projects across the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Imad’s journey reflects his commitment to excellence and dedication to fostering collaborative relationships within the industry. Passionate about staying ahead of the curve, he actively seeks opportunities to optimize processes and enhance project outcomes.

Imad’s strategic vision and leadership continue to contribute to the growth and success of Shoora LP, positioning the company as a leader in the construction and development sector.

The principles of Shoora LP shape our approach to conducting business

Take Initiative


Act on it. Determine what needs to be done and execute it to the fullest of your capability.



Approach situations with innovation and thoughtful consideration.

Maintain Respect


Our performance thrives on teamwork; each member has a role and deserves respect.

Uphold Integrity


Integrity is the bedrock of our actions and our identity.

Achieve Outcomes


If a strategy isn’t yielding results, switch tactics. Determination paves the way.

Aim for Excellence


Excellence is the benchmark against which we gauge all our endeavors.