The Shoora LP Story

The story to date

Our firm’s principal embarked on a remarkable journey from India to the United States, driven by ambition and a relentless pursuit of success. Starting in the technology sector, he courageously invested his savings to establish his own business, laying the foundation for his entrepreneurial spirit. Lady Luck smiled upon him, offering an unexpected opportunity in the hospitality industry. Despite initial challenges and setbacks, he embraced those experiences as valuable lessons and ignited a determination to turn things around.

With unwavering resilience, our principal assembled a dedicated team of professionals who shared his vision and work ethic. Together, they honed their skills, maximizing the potential of each asset they acquired. Fueled by their growing success, they ventured beyond acquiring properties, purchasing land and developing their own assets. Fearlessly pursuing larger-scale developments, they pushed boundaries and embraced calculated risks.

$500-plus million of Individual Assets Ownership/Under Development

Our motivation stems from our core objective: the ceaseless quest for value.


We personally invest in every transaction, demonstrating our commitment and enthusiasm for the properties we select. Our experience underlines that with a persistent pursuit of revealing worth, there is substantial inherent value that can be derived from every property.


A pursuit signifies more than a mere quest. It embodies devotion and unwavering commitment. We chase it because it ignites our passion.


Value is our ultimate aim – frequently elusive yet eventually marvelously concrete. Uncovering value is our very reason for existence.

Shoora LP is founded on a singular purpose - the ceaseless quest for value. We are steadfast in our dedication to uncovering prospects that possess latent or concealed potential. This is our raison d'être, the motive behind our daily rise, and the impetus that propels us to consistently enhance our operations and methodologies.